Fabio Laub

With a highly professional work and a long trajectory of success in the competitive Brazilian market, Fabio Laub may be considered alongside Camila Butcher, Alice Lime, Marcos Andreone and Bel Pulgas, one of the precursors of the movement that brought social photography a more contemporary and journalistic approach. It is 17 years of a career of success where Fabio is known for the intense emotional cargo that his photos imprint; always searching for the result that he defines as “photos are not solely for remembering, but also to RELIVE.”



f you are lucky enough to have come across Fabio’s website, take a minute to count your blessings because you have just discovered the BEST wedding photographer. There is no need to look any further because this talented artist and his team will make your wedding dreams come true! For most brides, the wedding photographer plays an integral role on the big day, and I was no exception. I was determined to find a photographer that was not only going to be able to capture great photos of our special day, but that was also able to tell a story through the images that illustrate the genuine love my husband and I have for each other. It was also very important for me to mesh well with the photographer. From the first time Fabio and I met, he made me feel important and excited for the wedding day. His eagerness to learn about my fiancé and me and desire to meet my expectations made me feel like he was truly invested in my wedding. This was very important for me because I had interviewed several photographers before meeting Fabio, and they were more interested in telling me about photo count restrictions and a scripted story about themselves than connecting with me. Fabio was different. He has truly been caring, thoughtful, and dedicated from the beginning. His personality is welcoming and loving and he knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Actually, you start to feel so comfortable that you even forget he is there! On the wedding day he and his team were dressed in a black suites and their level of professionalism was noticed by all of my guests. Fabio felt like part of the family by the end of the night, and I cannot express how important it is to have this connection with one’s photographer. Fabio will not only make you feel relaxed and beautiful on the day of the wedding, his photos will capture your essence in ways that will leave your family and friends oohing and ahhing once the album is completed. Andrea & Andrew

Andrea & Andrew

Fabio, adoramos o trabalho de vcs, mesmo antes de ver as foto as afinal casamos no dia 28/11 e hoje ainda é dia 30/11, mas nos não poderiamos viajar sem deixar um agradecimento ! Não tems palavras para expressar tamanha paciencia e compreensão conosco. Vocês são extremamente profissionais, competentes e alem de tudo humanos (coisa rara nos dias atuais). Estamos super curiosos para ver as fotos!! Todos os 200 convidados elogiaram o trabalho de vcs! Assim que a gente voltar nos falamos. Beijos para todos.

Danielle Lauzen & Caio Blasco

Meu Deus gente! Que álbum incrível! Nossa não sei nem o que dizer...... Sem palavras! Muita emoção! Obrigada por me faRt reviver aquele momento mágico mais uma vez! As fotos estão incríveis, o álbum super de bom gosto e a nossa cara! Fá, vc merece todo o sucesso desse mundo! O seu trabalho é demais da conta!!! Nunca vou me esquecer!!!! Amei, amei, amei, amei!!!!!!! Muito!!!!!! Gente, obrigada de coração! O álbum mais lindo que eu já vi em toda a minha vida! Beijos emocionados! Espero que possamos participar de mais um momento juntos!! Gabi, Gian e Luca!

Gabi & Gian

Choosing a wedding photographer is not an easy task - you are trusting that person to be able to capture your special day but at the same time you don't want someone to keep interrupting the true moments of love and connection that you are sharing with the people you love. The experience we had with Fabio and his team was absolutely wonderful. They were true professionals, while at the same time super adorable and respectful of what we wanted for our day. Instead of having us pose for every picture, they were able to make the most of the opportunities presented to them in a non-formal way, while still making sure they had enough material for us to be happy with the final result. We received the initial draft album and could not be happier with it. It was all there: the sudden tears, the emotional hugs, the funny dances, the loving looks. The only thing Geoff and I really wanted was for our wedding was for it to feel authentic and not staged; we just wanted to gather all the people we love the most in the same space and share a loving and fun day with them. And our pictures? Well, our pictures came up as a sincere reflection of that day and at the same time they are so stunning it is hard to believe they were not staged! I cannot thank Fabio and his team for the best souvenir we could ever have hoped for!

Tatiana and Geoff